Bumble Bees – Our Pre-Kinder Room

Our Pre-Kinder Room is designed with your child’s growing age in mind. At this stage, your child’s world is dominated by fantasy and vivid imagination and is excited about new experiences. Your child recognises more at this age and is usually curious about different subjects. Our Pre-Kinder Room is designed to cater for this inquisitive phase of their growth.

Our developmental and learning goals focus on your child’s positive growth and where your child will be encouraged to feel more confident in their world. Our aim is that your child furthers positive social interactions and recognises shapes and colours and gains more motor control.

At this stage your child will be encouraged to hold a scissor, grip a pencil and throw a ball forward, become more confident in counting from one to ten, recognise bigger numbers and be able to recognise their own name in typed style.

Your child’s listening and comprehensive skills will be developed further and be able to recognise number and letters and know the difference.

Children are encouraged to learn activities where they need to concentrate for at least 15 minutes. They will be encouraged to question the world around them through simple science experiments, gardening and cooking.

They are encouraged to learn through dance and rhythm and music.