Busy Bees – Our Kinder Room

Our Kinder Room is designed around the needs of our growing children where they are much more aware of the world around them and eager to soak in knowledge and learning.

Our Kinder programs are all evidence based and provide a structured and stimulating learning environment and focus on play based learning. Our aim for this stage of our child’s development is to prepare them for an easy transition to school. We structure each term in our Kindergarten curriculum to focus on school readiness and the various developmental stages that need to take place in your child to prepare them for the larger and more structured environment of the school classroom.

Kindergartners are very active at this stage;  they typically love to hop, skip, jump and dance. It is a big year for learning, to do new things and to discover new places. We provide a high quality and meaningful Kinder program underpinned by the Australian Government National Quality Framework and designed by qualified early childhood teachers. We believe in involving parents in decision making and also to listen to the needs of each individual child.

Children at this stage of learning will be encouraged to name the letters of the alphabet, form lower case letters of the alphabet and know the phonic sounds of at least the letters of their name and be able to form their name without assistance.

They will be helped in developing their problem-solving skills and be able to interact positively with their teachers and their peers when giving and receiving information.