Buzzing Fit Bees

A child’s first instinct is to play. Children love to run, climb, hop, skip, dance, catch, throw, roll down hills, to make noise and to dance.

At the Hive, we include a variety of activities to keep our children as fit and healthy as they can be. Exercise through play is the best way to engage children and that is why it forms a big part of our fitness programs.

Our Buzzing Fit Bees programs focus on developing physical skills from an early age while also building fitness through fun activities.

Healthy amount of physical activity in children introduces the love of fitness and spending time away from other modern day distractions and building a love for the outdoors which will continue for the rest of their lives.

Our fitness programs include indoor and outdoor activities and involve the use of a variety of materials and equipment. Children learn to play with materials such as balls, cones, ropes, hoops and balloons.

We stress on games that involve full body workout which include activities such as full body workout like crawling, climbing, ducking, weaving and jumping.

Fitness through dance and movement are also an integral part of our fitness routine.