Creative Bees

Creative play and activities have a central role in a child’s overall learning and development and that is why we believe in fostering creativity and imagination from a young age.

Children typically enjoy expressing ideas and exploring their world through songs, dress-ups, art material, language, wood work, music and dance.

The first few years of a child are one of the most creative times. While your child’s imagination is still developing; drama, music, dance and visual arts can help your child with:

  • fostering your child’s creativity
  • helping your child develop, practice and improve coordination and motor skills
  • giving your child a chance to try out problem-solving and thinking skills.

Our arts and music studio provides our children with ample opportunities to try out new musical instruments and take part in group activities.

We also have wood work DIY classes once a month with our in house handy man, where our children used recycled woods and have the chance to safely create special woodwork pieces to use and take home with them.