Our Curriculum & Programs

We believe that the first place of learning for all children is their home. That is why we value you as the first teacher of your child and build on that learning and learn from you in helping raise your child. Our team of professional and dedicated educators has developed programs that provide a balance of both structured and unstructured learning based on a curriculum that revolves around the interests of each child.


Healthy Bees

Promoting healthy eating habits from the start, encouraging young children to explore a variety of nutritious foods through our daily menu.


Green Bees

Instilling sustainable practices early on, and empowering children to become responsible for their decisions, promoting a more environmentally conscious generation.


Creative Bees

Providing a vibrant and nurturing environment where young minds can unleash their creativity through various artistic mediums and stimulating their imagination, and self-expression.



Buzzing Fit Bees

Laying the foundation for a lifelong interest in physical activity, helping children develop fundamental motor skills and coordination.

THE-Reading Bees 2


Library Bees

Through interactive storytelling, library incursions, and engaging picture books, children embark on a path of developing a love for reading.

Kindergarten Program

Our integrated 3 and 4 year old Kindergarten Program blends creativity, numeracy, literacy, social skills and life skills to create a well-rounded learning experience. Our dedicated Kinder teachers and engaging activities ensure children are ready for school and excited about learning.

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