Healthy Bees

At The Hive Early Learning Centres, we make sure that our children are involved in all the stages of food preparation. From tending to vegetable and herb gardens, to helping out in food preparation, our children get to eat what they produce and can experiment with different tastes and types of food. 

There are regular discussions about healthy eating and the food pyramid and we talk to our children from a young age about what types of food they should eat most, what types of food less and what they should avoid and keep only for very special occasions.

From our garden to your plate

Fruits, vegetables and herbs are organically grown in our centre garden and used fresh in our daily meals

Mini chefs in the making

Following nutritious recipes, children participate in regular cooking classes run by our wonderful centre cooks

Expanding your child's palate

Developing healthy eating habits at an early age by introducing a wide range of fruits, vegetables, proteins and grains

What's for lunch? Talk about variety!

We offer a different menu each day of the week for both Winter/Autumn and Summer/Spring

Book a tour

Meet the team behind our delicious meals! Learn about what we offer on our menus and take a peak into our in-centre commercial kitchen.

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