Green Bees

Learning about sustainability begins from day one, and we believe children are never too young to learn. We have daily reminders and practices which reinforces the message we believe is important for our children. 

At The Hive Early Learning Centre, we believe in making a difference to the environment and creating a sustainable future for our children. Teaching our children through simple lessons about nature and the environment and our responsibility to the planet by saving water, growing trees and minimising the use of plastic and the damage plastic can do to our waterways. We participate in annual calendar events such as Earth Day, National Tree Day, World Oceans Day and many others to allow the children to develop an awareness of their choices and what impact it may have on the environment.

Turning our waste into wonder

We use compost bins to transform kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich soil, reducing landfill waste and promoting sustainable gardening

Demonstrating that every drop counts

We repurpose our rain water collections into outdoor activities and water for our garden. Some centres use the rainwater in their toilet flush!

Teaching care and compassion

 Through incursions or centre pets, we invite interaction with animals. This can promote empathy, responsibility, and a deeper connection to nature

Protecting today, to thrive tomorrow

Introducing sustainability at a young age helps children understand the impact of their actions. Creating a healthier earth and a brighter tomorrow

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