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4-6 years

Kindergarten is a crucial stage in a child’s development, as they prepare for their schooling years. We offer a government funded kindergarten program that focuses on school-readiness and ensuring your child experiences smooth transition into their schooling years.

  • School-readiness: Introduction of basic numeracy and literacy through intentional teaching. Simulating the in-classroom environment.
  • Encouraging Independence: Learning to follow routines, manage personal belongings, and take care of simple tasks, developing a sense of responsibility and self-reliance.
  • Incursions & Excursions: Whether it’s an enchanting animal encounter, a fascinating science demonstration, a captivating storytelling session, or a cultural exploration, every incursion is designed to captivate young minds and inspire a love for learning. The immersive nature of incursions encourages active participation, imagination, and creativity, fostering a deeper understanding of various subjects.

Excursions in kindergarten take learning beyond the classroom walls, allowing young learners to explore the world outside and discover new environments and experiences. These carefully planned outings are educational adventures that align with the kindergarten curriculum and provide valuable real-life learning opportunities.

Did you know? Kindergarten is FREE

All 3- and 4-year-old children in Victoria can access Free Kinder. This means families will save up to $2,050 per child each year. Learn more.


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FREE Kinder graduation yearbook

Enrol in funded Kindergarten at The Hive Early Learning Centres and receive a FREE Kinder graduation yearbook. 

A keepsake filled with a year’s worth of memories, unforgettable incursions, and the first steps of your child’s education journey. As you look back over the years, this yearbook will remind you of your child’s first friends, favourite activities, and the beginning of their excitement of learning. It’s a treasure that celebrates the start of their bright future!

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Parent Advice

5 Tips for Dealing with Child Separation Anxiety During the Transition to Childcare

The first day of childcare can be an emotional experience for both parents and children. It’s not uncommon for little ones to experience separation anxiety during this transitional period.