Kingsville Early Learning Centre

Our modern and renovated centre has 4 spacious rooms and a maximum capacity of 76 places. Inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, our curriculum, as well as our philosophy, revolve centrally around your child and tailoring the best possible care to support their individual needs, interests, and strengths.

The Hive has always firmly believed in maintaining a transparent bridge of communication between our centre’s educators and parents. This bridge is established by utilizing the Kindy Hub Application, which allows us to work closely with our families and receive any critical and outstanding feedback.

We happily provide for a range of ages: from 6 weeks to 5 years, in our Nursery, Toddler, Pre-Kindergarten, and a Kindergarten room.

As a Reggio inspired centre, we firmly believe that a child has no one way to communicate but rather 100 different ways. Therefore, we strive to provide facilities that can further develop our fun, nurturing, and educational environment while simultaneously exposing our children to as many different experiences as possible. Our facilities include veggie patches, incursions, playgrounds, and much more!

The Hive’s highly qualified staff are committed to providing excellent services from 6 am to 7 pm, Monday to Friday. Amongst our team, we have our fantastic centre cook, whose mouth-watering nutritious menu is loved by all. A supportive Operations Team that ensures our families are at the forefront of everything we do. A maintenance team which ensures our centre is looking and functioning appropriately at all times. A Marketing team to help communicate and spread all the fun we get up to across the centers and a Senior Management team who is constantly investing in its company and the happiness of the team.

That’s all about us! Feel free to call on 1300 000 843 or alternatively come on down and say "Hi!". We’d love to get to know you and show you all the opportunities awaiting your child at The Hive Kingsville!

Hi, my name is Joanne Steele and I am the Centre Director at The Hive Early Learning Centre, Kingsville.

The Hive has been my second home for almost 5 years now! I graduated from Victoria University Melton in 1991 with an Associate Diploma of Advance Science in Childcare which makes this year my 21st year in the industry. I’ve had the opportunity to explore and experience many roles in the Childcare industry, as a Room Leader, Assistant Director as well as previous Centre Director positions.

I believe early childhood learning is a great milestone in every child’s education and therefore it is essential for us as educators to create a safe and nurturing environment. An environment in which a child can foster and develop a special eagerness to learn and grow. I enjoy establishing professional relationships with our families, which helps us to work cohesively in developing the perfect environment that connects home and centre lives.

Playing a small part in a child’s life is a massive achievement my team and I take pride in. We are absolutely determined to produce the highest level of care over the progression of a child’s educational journey. We are here to assure our families that they have made the right choice choosing us for their children.

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Address: 31 Bishop Street, Kingsville 3012
Call Us: (03) 9315 1576

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UV cannot be seen or felt. It is not like the sun’s light which we see, or the sun’s warmth (infrared radiation) which we feel. Our senses cannot detect UV so it can be damaging without us knowing. There is a huge variation in UV levels across Australia. The UV level is affected by a number of factors including the time of day, time of year, cloud cover, altitude, proximity to the equator, scattering and reflection.

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