A sample of our menu


  • Oat and chia seed porridge
  • Breakfast frittata
  • Whole grain cereals with fresh berries
  • Fruit smoothies
  • Wholemeal toast with smashed avocado

Morning Tea

  • Veggie sticks with homemade hummus
  • Fruit kebabs
  • Superfood muesli slice
  • Mini quiches
  • Natural yogurt pots with seasonal fruit compote


  • Tuna patties with quinoa salad
  • Lamb or Lentil curry with rice
  • Chicken stir-fry with rice
  • Beef and vegetable bolognaise spirals
  • Cauliflower bake

Afternoon Tea

  • Banana and chia loaf
  • Spinach and cheese quesadillas
  • Zucchini slice
  • Brown rice crackers with cheese and dip
  • Apple and cinnamon muffins