1-3 years

At toddler age, children become more active and curious about the world around them. In our Toddler Room, we focus on enhancing their exploration, communication, and social skills.

  • Play and Exploration: Providing opportunities for imaginative play and exploration to stimulate creativity and problem-solving skills.

  • Language and Communication: Encouraging vocabulary development and basic communication skills through interactions and storytelling.

  • Cognitive Development: Introducing simple puzzles, sorting activities, and games that promote cognitive skills.

  • Physical Development: Supporting gross motor skills like running, jumping, and climbing, as well as fine motor skills like drawing and stacking.

child and educator playing with toys at childcare kingsville

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Parent Advice

5 Tips for Dealing with Child Separation Anxiety During the Transition to Childcare

The first day of childcare can be an emotional experience for both parents and children. It’s not uncommon for little ones to experience separation anxiety during this transitional period.