Your Hive Communication Hub

Communicating with our families is very important to us, which is why we send you updates throughout the day of your child’s activities via our personalised Kindy Hub app. Regular communication is our way to assure you how your child is spending the day at the centre. We want you to have a peace of mind that your child is being nurtured, socialised and looked after every day.

We know that leaving your child to care is a big decision and no parent makes it lightly. As a parent you want to ensure, that the care your child is receiving is the best care possible outside the home, and that your child is being supported emotionally, mentally and physically.

To make sure that you are a part of your child’s everyday routine and education, we have launched our parent app: Kindy Hub. The Kindy Hub is an app especially designed with the ability to send instant notifications to your email and your smartphone with details of your child’s day, including photos and the learning outcomes they are achieving.

Benefits of installing the app include:

  • Allowing you to communicate on a regular basis with your child’s caregivers
  • Allowing our educators to capture moments of your child’s day and send them straight to you
  • Acting as an organiser to ensure all messages are communicated effectively to families about events and activities taking place
  • Taking the communication between us and our families to a completely new level
  • Gives peace of mind to you about your child’s day-to-day activities.